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How to keep your Turf looking good

Brisbane Turf and Lawn Care

It is important to maintain your turf so it looks good and spruces up your property. Whether watering, fertilising, mowing or simply knowing when your lawn needs some attention, we offer professional advice and customer service.

We supply, deliver, and install high-quality turf and ensure it remains in top condition, regardless of weather or climate.

Our lawn care services in Brisbane are a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Advice for Turf and Lawn Maintenance


An important part of home lawn care services is knowing when to water your turf so it does not dry out.

Watering softens the ground for easier root penetration. When installing new turf in hot weather, water four to five times a day for ten minutes at a time during that all-important first week. If it is cooler, a couple of times are sufficient.

You can reduce watering after two weeks when your turf starts to look good. After a month, a normal watering regimen of twice a week will suffice.


When it comes to lawn care services for new turf, note that it has already been fertilised before being delivered.

Therefore, you do not need to fertilise your new turf for at least a few months.

Remember that organic fertilisers based on seaweed or processed manure are the best option to keep your turf thriving.


Mowing as part of home lawn care services only becomes necessary once the turf has taken root in its new soil. If the corner of a turf sheet pulls up too easily, the new turf has not settled properly. Leave it alone for at least a week, and only mow once the turf has put down enough roots.

Do not be surprised if your turf grows unexpectedly at first, as it shows you are taking care of it properly. For that first mow, it is recommended to use a higher setting so as not to remove too much new growth in one go. This can be adjusted after two to three months, depending on how the climate affects the turf growth.

Need help with your lawn?

If you notice that your lawn is dry and yellow, it needs attention. This is where home lawn care services are ideal for maintaining your turf properly.

Happy lawns equate to happy owners, meaning there is no reason to be stressed out as to why your turf is not looking its best.

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