Turf Varieties

Best suited to the Brisbane area's climate and conditions

AOK Turf Varieties

There are a range of turf varieties in Brisbane best suited to the area’s climate and weather conditions that we supply and install.

From a soft lawn that is simple to maintain to turf that does not require much water, we supply all your needs. We can provide popular all-round varieties similar in appearance to specific indigenous species.

Not all turf varieties are alike. AOK Turf is the leading supplier and installer of a range of turf types in the Brisbane area. We know what is best for your specific requirements and advise on lawn care services so the turf of your choice thrives and looks good all year round.

Turf Varieties

Sapphire Buffalo grass

Sapphire Buffalo

  • Sapphire Buffalo is an ideal and hardy low-maintenance grass that needs minimal watering and appears even greener and lusher in winter due to its deep root system.
  • Sapphire is recommended for low-wear areas with up to 70% shade and for moderate to high-wear areas with up to 50% shade.
  • Regarding Buffalo turf varieties, Sapphire is distinguished by its fine texture, making it an attractive lawn variant.
Sapphire Buffalo grass

Palmetto Soft Leaf

  • Palmetto Soft Leaf is a Buffalo turf variety with universal appeal in Australia due to its low maintenance and self-repairing qualities.
  • It is perfect for shady conditions as it only requires two to four hours of direct sunlight a day to continue flourishing, unlike other grasses.
  • What is more, it withstands the full sun and is unaffected by drought.
Sapphire Buffalo grass

Sir Walter Buffalo

  • Of all the Buffalo turf varieties, Sir Walter is best suited to the harsh Australian environment.
  • This soft-leaf grass withstands full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost and drought.
  • Sir Walter has undoubtedly proven itself as a hardy local variant. It even reduces grass-related allergic reactions.
Empire Zoysia grass

Empire Zoysia

  • The hardy Empire Zoysia tolerates a lot of wear and tear yet remains soft and hardly needs maintenance.
  • Watering is minimal, making it ideal for drought conditions, while it is equally happy in open areas or with moderate shade.
  • Empire is a versatile lawn that can easily be grown anywhere in Australia.
Blue Couch grass

Blue Couch

  • Blue Couch is native to Australia, meaning it was built for Australian conditions.
  • Blue Couch requires a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day. All it takes is light watering and it will recover well.
  • Blue Couch is a beautiful blue/green and is soft to the touch. It is also hard wearing and has some drought resistance.
Wintergreen Couch grass

Wintergreen Couch

  • Wintergreen Couch is considered the best all-around lawn on the market because it thrives in full sunlight and some shade.
  • Wintergreen Couch is a good self-repairing turf and is great for hard-wearing areas.
  • Wintergreen Couch is excellent for cold and frost tolerance, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions and tolerates a variety of soils.
Tahoma 31 grass

Tahoma 31

  • Tahoma 31 is a great variety of turf that has an attractive dark green appearance with a fine leaf. Perfect for home lawns, recreational landscapes and more
  • Performs well in full sun as well as in 63% of shaded areas.
  • It is hardy and has a deep-rooted system with fast establishment on most sites, making it beneficial for hard wear areas
  • Has a lower growth rate which helps with less watering, fertiliser, pesticides and mowing.
  • Its drought, shade and wear tolerance is better than other Bermuda or Couch varieties on the market.

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